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Prof E Kritzinger


Elmarie joined the University of South Africa’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology in 2000 and currently holds the position of Professor in the School of Computing (Department of Information System). Prof Kritzinger obtained her PhD in Information Systems at the tender age of 29 and was awarded the “Youngest PhD” at the University of South Africa in 2008. Prof Kritzinger completed her PGCE in 2016 and compled her MEd ICT in Education in 2020.

Since obtaining her PhD, Prof Kritzinger has established herself as a mature researcher and has published in accredited national and international journals, contributed to a chapters in a books and presented at peer-reviewed conferences. Although her research focuses primarily on Information Security (Cyber) Awareness, she is cross-disciplinary skilled in the fields of information systems and education.

Founding member and project leader of a Cyber Awareness Project within the School of Computing at UNISA, her aspiration is to provide school children and communities in South Africa and Africa with a cyber awareness supporting documents to enrich their knowledge and ensure they are cyber safe. This project is multi institutional with partners in industry, academia, government and public sector. As part of her corporate citizenship, Prof Kritzinger has successfully organized colloquiums and workshops on key discussions relating to cyber awareness and have been an invited as speaker for a number of workshops and conferences on the topic of Information Security Awareness and Education.

A number of honours, Master’s and Doctoral students are currently under her supervision within the fields of cyber safety, information systems and education. She is currently NRF C3 rated within South Africa.

Research areas

  • Cyber Safety for communities, school, industry and governments;
  • Culturalization of digital devices for education within 4th IR
  • Information Security Management
  • Digital ecosystems
  • Education of ICT for the future
  • Information Governance

Contact email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it