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Cyber Safety Awareness Toolkit

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of our daily lives.  We use ICT devices for education, information gathering and work-related activities. ICT devices are becoming more accessible for allusers due to increased availability and decrease in cost. Most of these devices have online connectivity, allowingthe user to access cyberspace.

Welcome to the Cyber Safety Awareness Toolkit. The Toolkit aims to create awareness for all cyber users regarding how to be cyber safe.  The key objective of this guide is to improve general cyber users’ knowledge and understanding of how to protect themselves against cybercrime.  Meet C², the cyber cadets on a mission to help you learn about how to be cyber safe. Each cadet represents an important cyber theme which you need to be aware of and learn about. The Cyber Safety Awareness Toolkit consists of downloadable documents to guide you safely through cyber space:

 fco bhc za pry ps 4c 01         Many of the documents have been translated in a number of langagues.