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Meet the Cyber Cadet

Meet C², the cyber cadets on a mission to help you learn about how to be cyber safe. Each cadet represents an important cyber theme which you need to be aware of and learn about. Full details.bhc   characters mascots v2.0 page 8

  • Theme 1 (A Trip Into Cyberspace) we have General Flame. The leader of C² – She lost her  eyesight in battle but gained amazing insight, by tapping into the vast knowledge banks in cyberspace.
  • Theme 2 (Protecting People) we have Professor Guardian. She has a heart of gold. Although she has great empathy for people, she is tough on criminals and bullies that prey on the innocent.
  • Theme 3 (Securing Devices) we have Techno.
    He is the expert on all things digital –he understands the inner workings of any device.
  • Theme 4 (Smart Apps) we have The Applicator.
    He uses his vast influence on gaming and social media platforms, to unite people to support
    positive causes.
  • Theme 5 (Useful Information) we have Crypto. She scans for sensitive information and helps to lock it
    down before the baddies can get their hands on it.