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2019 - UNISA assists SAPS to fight cybercrime – focusing on the youth

Prof E Kritzinger from UNISA (left) and Lieutenant General SJ Jephta (SAPS)

Prof E Kritzinger (School of Computing, CSET) was a presenter at the SAPS Cybercrime Conference held in Irene this month. The purpose of the Conference was to advance the SAPS’s Draft National Cybercrime   Strategy. The focus of Prof Kritzinger’s presentation was on cyber safety awareness for school learners. She emphasized that if cyber awareness increases, cybercrime will decrease. South Africa currently has 30 million   cyber users, which could mean a total of 30 million potential cyber victims. It is therefore vital that all cyber users are made aware of how to protect themselves and their information. The National Commissioner,   General KJ Sitole, attended the conference. In his opening address he indicated that the youth of South Africa is currently vulnerable to cybercrime.  The SAPS’s National Cybercrime Strategy will therefore also address   cyber safety awareness for school learners, teachers and even the wider communities.

The CSET UNISA Cyber Safety Awareness Community Engagement Project will continue to assist government, industry and schools, as well as increase research outputs to improve the cyber knowledge and skills to   grow a South African cyber culture for all cyber users.