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We live in a world where technology is becoming integrated into our daily lives. We spend more and more time using the internet for work, education and socializing. Being part of this cyber world is no longer a luxury but a necessity for many cyber users.

We are becoming - the cyber generation.

It is however important to understand that being part of the cyber generation, one must ensure that all cyber users protect themselves and their personal information. It is therefore important that all cyber users understand possible cyber threats involved when using cyber devises for example PC and mobile phones.

This Cyber Security Awareness project was created in to assist cyber users with limited understanding and knowledge regarding cyber aspect to protect themselves and their information. This Cyber Security Awareness Project is aimed for all age groups – children, adults and elderly. It is important to grow the Cyber Security Awareness Culture within South Africa to ensure all cyber users understand the technology they use and is in a position to use them safely.


~~~~~ Uplifting communities through knowledge ~~~